We specialize in helping pre-retirees between 50 and 65 transition into retirement.  But that really doesn’t describe the hands-on approach we take with our clients.

We build roadmaps to retirement.  We identify the best route, point out the roadblocks and set a course to navigate around them.  

Our roadmaps cover the obvious - a successful retirement.  But they also weave in income taxes, estate planning, portfolio analysis and construction and protecting your finances against a future nursing home stay.

Along the way, we have a network of other professionals such as CPAs and attorneys that help in specialized areas as needed.


These Should Be Your Golden Years

The impact of what I do really hit home when my dad retired about twenty years ago.  

I could see the fear and anxiety on his face.

I understood the pressure that an ill-planned retirement causes. 

Guiding you into and through a successful retirement is my life’s work – how I impact individuals and families.

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