Is Another Real Estate Bubble Happening?

by Dennis O'Keefe on Nov 14, 2017

It has been a decade since the housing bubble began unraveling in front of our eyes.  Mortgages didn’t get paid.  Banks went belly-up.  Property values plummeted – in some places down 50% or more.

It was an ugly time.

The cause was a combination of stupidity.  That’s often the case with major financial disasters.  It isn’t just one thing that brings the system down.  

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Welcoming a New Member to our Team

by Dennis O'Keefe on Nov 9, 2017

I wanted to take a quick moment this week to give a belated welcome to a new member of the Successful Money Strategies team.

Some of you may have called our office and spoke to a young woman by the name of Anna.  Well Anna is Anna O’Keefe, my younger daughter.

Anna is a freshman at UMass Dartmouth working towards her Marketing degree.  She is an avid horseback rider and has a pet snake.  Really!  A pet snake.  I’m not a fan.

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Elections, Proxy Votes and Our General Apathy!

by Dennis O'Keefe on Oct 31, 2017

It’s almost election time again.  

Ugh.  I know.  I know.  If last fall didn’t put you off of politics – regardless of your political affiliation – you are probably a hermit.  

Next week, many communities will be holding local elections for Mayor, City Council, School Committee and the like. I suspect that after last year, the turnout to this cycle will be below average.

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Its OK to be Selfish

by Dennis O'Keefe on Oct 17, 2017

I’m not usually one to say these sort of things, but. . . . . . it’s OK to be selfish.

I don’t mean that you can cut in line at Starbucks or hog all the shrimp at the buffet.  What I am saying is that you should think of yourself first before making big life decisions.

Let me give you a little history first.

Forty years ago, most workers planned on receiving a pension and Social Security when they retired.  On average, the two would give approximately 70% of pre-retirement income.

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Reverse Mortgages – A Savior Of Last Resort Is Getting Worse!

by Dennis O'Keefe on Oct 10, 2017

Reverse mortgages are in for some changes – and none for the better for consumers.

Originally, a reverse mortgage meant that a lender would pay you a fixed sum per month for your lifetime and in exchange, they would place a lien on your home that may mean they just take your home when you pass away.

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Third Quarter Market Commentary

by Dennis O'Keefe on Oct 2, 2017

Another quarter is in the books.  And this was a decent one.  Especially for the third quarter.

Your typical Summer market consists of volatility and losses.  Not so this quarter.  The S&P500 was up a shade under 4% for the quarter.

“It must be the Trump Effect!” I have heard some say.  

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Equifax, Credit Fraud And A Reasonable Solution

by Dennis O'Keefe on Sep 26, 2017

Last Friday, I got an email from my credit card company regarding a questionable charge on my wife’s card.  We looked up the name of the company that alleged the charge to see if it was something she may have done and forgotten.

“That’s not me,” she said.  “I’d have known if I bought something there.”

So I opened the email and clicked the There Is Something Wrong link. It, in turn, called the credit card company for me and I spent about ten minutes discussing the matter with Chase Card Services security.

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The Stockmarket is a Beehive

by Dennis O'Keefe on Sep 19, 2017

For many years, my wife and I kept several bee hives.  Most clients aren’t aware of that fact.  

It started shortly after we bought our house.  Both of us were fascinated with bees and one of us had a borderline phobia about them and wanted to work through that.  So we went to Bee School, built a hive and waited for our bees to come in the mail.  (Yes, bees are shipped via USPS.)

Those years watching the bees were some of the most fascinating times I’ve ever witnessed.  Bees are amazing animals that defy comprehension.

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Make your 'louds' louder

by Dennis O'Keefe on Aug 29, 2017

A Bear Market Lesson in Band Class

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts gave the commencement address at his son’s middle school graduation last month.  It hits some of the same notes.   Heavy stuff for pre-teens for sure.

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