Over the course of your career, you’ve seen major changes in benefits such as:

  • Your Savings Plan options
  • Your health insurance choices both now and in retirement, as well as 
  • Your potential Pension Buyout.   

Do you feel like it’s enough information to make you want to just ignore it all and hope it works out for the best?

Along comes a RIF or an IP (let’s face it – they are layoffs pure and simple - even if you volunteer).   Now you’re really behind the 8-ball.

Don’t Rely On The Company for Much Information

All they want to know is if you are going to take the offer or not.  And the clock is ticking!  If you are lucky, you’ll have 60 days to decide.  

The sheer weight of this situation is more than you thought possible.  You can’t ignore the problem anymore.  It’s right in front of you.   

Wouldn’t it be great to have a personal guide who can:  

  • Prepare you for your phone company retirement.  Someone who had extensive knowledge of the Phone Company system, both Management and Non-?  Someone who could ensure that when the time was right, you could take that IP, RIF or other retirement incentive?
  • Guide you through the choices and steps necessary to transition from active employee to happy retiree?  There are key steps to retiring within the Phone Company system.  It isn’t always as intuitive as one would think.  Make a mistake in one spot and it could cost you thousands in pension benefits.
  • Continue to advise you in retirement so that you can maximize your enjoyment of your golden years.  Once you are officially retired, now what?  What money do you spend first?  How much can you spend?  What about taxes?  Is your will up to date?   

You only get one chance at a successful retirement. 

You want is to know that you’ve set yourself up for the best possible retirement.


Easier said than done, right?  It’s OK, I’m here to help. . . 


I’m Dennis J. O’Keefe, CFP, owner of Successful Money Strategies.

I’ve been helping Telecom employees transition into retirement for so long that I still find myself calling it NYNEX or BellAtlantic. In my almost-30-year career as a financial advisor, I’ve helped literally hundreds of Telecom employees become Telecom retirees.

How many good choices can you make with someone beside you who knows the phone company inside and out and has helped hundreds of your former co-workers retire?

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