Biggest Financial Mistakes Retirees Make! - And How To Avoid Them.

Unless you live under a rock, you've heard of Tiger Woods. Tiger has changed the game of golf forever. And it all started with one simple tournament in 1997 called the Masters Tournament.

The Masters is very appropriately titled. It is arguably the toughest tournament in the pro-golf series. The fairways are narrow. The putting greens are like glass. And the sand traps are deep..

In any given year, there are several golfers vying for the prize at the Masters. Throughout the four-day tournament, most of the daily scores are very close - and very high. The course is that tough. But in 1997, something unheard of happened

Tiger Woods succeeded in winning the tournament shortly after it began. He took a commanding lead on Thursday and continued to build to an unheard of 12 stroke lead when he was done on Sunday. He scored 18 under par for the 4 days. The next closest golfer scored only a 6 under par. It was amazing.

Now if you are unfamiliar with golf, I'll tell you a little secret. In every golf tournament, putting is what separates the champion from the other players. It is so difficult to get that little ball into that little hole that an otherwise perfect game can be ruined less than 30 feet from the hole. And as I mentioned earlier, in the Masters Tournament, the greens are like glass. They make them extra hard to separate the men from the boys. And Tiger out-putted every single golfer out there that weekend.

But I know that I can get any able-bodied American to beat Tiger Woods at putting in about 15 minutes. I just have to give you a quick lesson... and then blindfold Mr. Woods. Then spin him around so he doesn't know where the hole is. Then you can beat him every day of the week.

"But he can't see the hole!" you say.

"How can he play if he doesn't know where he's going?"

Exactly! And how do you expect to retire successfully if you don't even know where you are going? Are you in the neighborhood? Are you even in the right part of town?

Planning is the single, most effective technique to have a safe and secure retirement!

It worked a hundred years ago, it worked fifty years ago, and it works today!

See, the reason most of us aren't going to win the retirement game, is that we don't follow this crucial sequence when it comes to managing our finances. . .

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