By Dennis O'Keefe on Nov 9, 2017

I wanted to take a quick moment this week to give a belated welcome to a new member of the Successful Money Strategies team.

Some of you may have called our office and spoke to a young woman by the name of Anna.  Well Anna is Anna O’Keefe, my younger daughter.

Anna is a freshman at UMass Dartmouth working towards her Marketing degree.  She is an avid horseback rider and has a pet snake.  Really!  A pet snake.  I’m not a fan.

In addition to learning the ropes and the various tasks associated with our company, Anna is our Technology Expert.  Anna publishes this blog every week, as well as maintains our Facebook page (click here to visit and like our Facebook page).  

She also does cool stuff like creating that link above.  And this one to sign up to get a free copy of my book.  Or this one to get to our webpage.  Or even this one to be sure you get an email notification that a new blog entry has been posted.  

Anna not only did the linking, but created the pages and the systems to keep track of all of this.  I am reminded of a time when my father hired me to take care of technology systems at the firm he worked at because an 18 year old mind works in different ways than a 48 year old one does.

Anna is an invaluable part of our team and we are excited to have her here.  

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